Here is a list of organisations associated with the UK offshore oil and gas industry. If you feel that additional websites should be included, please send the details here.

Education, training and careers


     Health and safety

    Operations: engineering

     Operations: geology and exploration

 Operations – industry service providers

  • First Point Assessment Limited (FPAL)
    An oil and gas industry owned company established in 1996. Its prime objective is to bring efficiencies in the procurement of goods and services by sharing better information and minimising duplication.
  • ITF
    Industry Technology Facilitator.
    Leading Oil and Gas Industry Competitiveness.
  • CDA
    A non-profit, industry regulated information utility owned by its members to provide data management services to the UK oil and gas industry.

Operations: industry tools

  • Flightshare
    Initiative developed to permit the sharing of excess seat capacity on North Sea helicopter flights.
  • replaces the services previously offered by DEAL, and is an information system with a map based web interface showing the location of wells, fields, seismic surveys, gravity and magnetic surveys, interpretive reports, quadrant/blocks, licences, coastlines, platforms and pipelines over the UKCS.
  • Industry Mutual Hold Harmless (IMHH)
    An online system to provide information concerning an industry mutual hold harmless indemnity regime for contractors operating in the UKCS.
  • Master Deed
    Expedites the transfer of UKCS offshore licence interests and other agreements relating to associated assets and infrastructure.
  • Standard Agreements
    Off-the-shelf resource for agreements between operators.
  • Standard Contracts
    Off-the-shelf resource for agreements between operators and contractors.
  • Vantage POB
    A system which is used to track personnel working offshore.
  • EEMS
    Provides access to qualitative and quantitative data for all emissions and discharges to the environment from offshore installations and associated onshore terminals.

     Operations: marine

     Representative bodies: regional

     Representative bodies: sectoral

  Supply, demand and regulatory bodies