OGUK has worked with industry to develop new Supply Chain Principles which outline how to increase effectiveness and efficiency to help improve industry performance, eliminate unnecessary costs, add value and boost competitiveness. Comprising ten key principles which align, incorporate and supersede content from the Supply Chain Code of Practice (SCCOP); the Tendering Efficiency Framework (TEF) & Industry Behaviours Charter (IBC), the Principles provide guidance to drive supply chain optimisation.

These principles focus on optimising the following key areas:

  • Risk and reward
  • Contractual terms & conditions
  • Tendering practices
  • Competency assurance
  • Escalation mechanisms

To enable successful implementation and roll-out of these Supply Chain Principles (SCP), OGUK has produced an Implementation Plan supported by OGUK’s board and its Joint Council which comprises representatives from both operator and contractor/supply chain companies. Industry feedback on good and bad practice will be incorporated into OGUK’s guidelines for implementing the new Supply Chain Principles, which will be published in Q2 2019. Progress in implementing the Supply Chain Principles will be measured in the 2019 OGUK/Deloitte Collaboration Survey which will launch in July 2019.

Click on the image to download the Supply Chain Principles PDF file