May 16, 2014

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The demand for continued and extended use of oil and gas production facilities on the UK continental shelf is likely to increase over time. This guidance aims to inform and influence duty holder approaches to the management of ageing and life extension (ALE). The document focuses on ALE aspects of electrical, control and instrumentation (EC&I) equipment and complements general management system guidance set out in the Oil & Gas UK Guidance on the Management of Ageing and Life Extension for UKCS Oil & Gas Installations, Issue 1, April 2012. The guidance recognises that EC&I equipment on offshore installations presents a particular challenge from an ALE perspective as such equipment generally has a shorter expected service life than the nominal design life of the installation. The guidance is written with technical authorities and other EC&I related disciplines in mind but is sufficiently high level to also be of use to non-EC&I personnel who may have a part to play in general ALE management.

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