September 3, 2019

OGUK’s Economic Report covers the industry’s economic contribution; its future role in the energy mix and in a lower-carbon economy; the potential impact of Brexit; the work of the Efficiency Task Force; and how we can together achieve the sector’s vision for the future with Roadmap 2035.

Publication description

OGUK’s Economic Report 2019 reinforces the importance of the UK’s oil and gas industry, a sector helping to meet today’s energy needs and one that will be a key contributor to tomorrow’s energy mix. This industry can play a major role in delivering the UK’s net-zero future, given the recognition by the Committee on Climate Change of the importance of oil and gas as part of a diverse energy mix in 2050 and beyond. It can help deliver secure and affordable energy in a safe manner and contribute to the low carbon solutions that will be required to realise the UK’s ambitious climate change goals. Oil and gas companies are already in action, using their skills, expertise and resources and developing their energy portfolios in ways that will help move the UK towards net-zero.

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