April 27, 2020

1. OGUK’s Business Outlook: Markets & Investment is the first in a series of Business Outlook reports which will shine a light on the issues facing the sector in a challenging and dynamic business environment. The report shows OGUK now expects drilling levels to fall back to the lows experienced in 2016, down more than a third on previous forecasts.

2. The Business Outlook: Security of Supply, which considers the UK’s energy landscape shows that production from the UK Continental Shelf is enough to provide 63% of the UK’s oil and gas needs and 46% of the country’s total energy. The report also outlines the urgency of ensuring the sector’s resilience to maintain a secure, affordable energy supply.

3. The Business Outlook: Activity and Supply Chain report, calls for urgent action to protect energy security, jobs, and energy regions. OGUK has asked governments and regulators to support a three-stage framework to support the sector in dealing with the immediate crisis while positioning it to play a key role in the UK’s transition to a net-zero future.

Publication description

Welcome to OGUK’s Business Outlook Report, which continues to provide the only comprehensive review of UK industry performance and a sector outlook for the coming years.

The Business Outlook Report is available to download and view on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or kindle. You can also bookmark sections and share content with colleagues, all within your online edition. Too busy to read it right now? You can also download a copy and read it offline at your convenience.


Markets & Investment

Read online – Business Outlook 2020 – Markets & Investment

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Security of Supply

Read online – Business Outlook 2020 – Security of Supply

Download the Business Outlook Report 2020 – Security of Supply


Activity and Supply Chain

Read online – Business Outlook 2020 – Activity and Supply Chain

Download the Business Outlook Report 2020 – Activity and Supply Chain


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