January 24, 2017

Commenting on the publication of the Scottish Government’s consultation on its Energy Strategy, Oil & Gas UK’s CEO Deirdre Michie said:

“I welcome the Scottish Government’s recognition that oil and gas has an important part to play in Scotland’s energy mix going forward and that it is committed to supporting the policy of maximising economic recovery of the remaining hydrocarbons on the UK continental shelf.

“As we decarbonise towards 2050 and beyond, this sector can continue to make a significant contribution to Scotland’s economy.

“We support 330,000 jobs in the UK, 45 percent of which are in Scotland and many of which are highly skilled.

“The North East is a centre of excellence in areas such as subsea engineering, with potential to substantially grow the exports of supply chain goods and services, which in 2014 generated revenues of £16 billion for the UK economy.”

Oil & Gas UK in consultation with its members will respond in due course to today’s Energy Strategy and the recently published Climate Change Draft Plan.