Health and safety is important for every industrial sector, but particularly so for the offshore oil and gas industry where the potential for a major accident is ever present.  As a result, effective and relentlessly focused management of process safety is a cornerstone and core value for our industry. 


Provider of safe operations in a major hazard industry

  • Prevention of major accidents and reducing the number of hydrocarbon releases, dangerous occurrences and injuries is a top priority.
  • The UK oil and gas industry continues to improve safety through leadership, communication and co-operation. This is supported by a well-established and world-class legal framework – developed post-Piper and regulated by the Health & Safety Executive.
  • The total number of hydrocarbon releases – oil and gas leaks – has declined by almost 70 per cent since its peak in 2004.
  • Managing asset ageing and ensuring safety-critical plant, equipment and installations remain fit-for-purpose throughout their extending lives is a continuing focus.
  • Offshore oil and gas has a lower personal injury rate than many other sectors including construction and manufacturing.
  • The UK oil and gas industry is supported by one of the most modern helicopter fleets in the world and safe helicopter operations remain a priority.
  • The industry operates within a goal setting regulatory framework, and through publications, workshops and seminars, is a global exemplar of good safety practice.


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