Over the past 50 years, the UK upstream oil and gas industry has generated hundreds and thousands of exciting, diverse and rewarding careers

  • Over 300,000 jobs are currently supported in the UK by oil and gas production.
  • These jobs are across the whole country and cover:
    • Direct employment provided by companies involved in the extraction of crude oil and natural gas and supply chain companies who directly support this activity
    • Indirect employment across the extensive supply chain which also exports goods and services overseas
    • Induced jobs created by the sector’s spending in the wider economy, such as in hotels, catering and taxis

A truly national industrial asset

  • The UK upstream oil and gas industry, together with its extensive supply chain, is spread throughout Britain
  • Nearly 60 per cent of jobs in the industry are in England and around 40 per cent are in Scotland, largely in and around Aberdeen.
  • In England there are a number of key energy hubs, often located near historic ports:
    • 10 per cent of jobs in the sector are in South East England
    • North West England accounts for 6 per cent and West Midlands and Eastern England each account for 5 per cent of jobs in the sector.

 An industry offering a diverse range of careers

  • The UK upstream oil and gas industry supports employment throughout the life cycle of operations from exploration all the way through to decommissioning. Highly skilled roles include:
    • Design, subsea, drilling engineers
    • Geoscientists
    • Data managers
    • Technicians and craftspeople
    • Mariners
    • Divers
    • Helicopter pilots and ground crew
  • Jobs are also available in a vast array of support activities including:
    • Facilities management
    • Catering and logistics
    • IT support
    • Health, safety and environmental services
    • Corporate finance, banking and insurance
    • Legal and insurance disciplines
    • Project management
    • Human Resources
    • External affairs, press and public relations

 Equal opportunities for a long term and rewarding career

  • While nowadays no sector can offer a ‘job for life’, this industry can offer ’skills for life’.
  • Our industry needs the best possible people, whatever their gender, to take our industry forward.
  • Industry, government and educational institutions are working together on skills as one of the key themes of the Government’s Industrial Strategy for UK Oil and Gas. The aim is to maintain the long term supply of quality personnel to all disciplines which are required to help increase production and develop the supply chain domestically and internationally.
  • The UK oil and gas sector supports efforts to encourage young people of both sexes to study and pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects.

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