Infrastructure Code of Practice


It is important that remaining reserves on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) that require third-party infrastructure can be brought on-stream in a timely manner, with fair and reasonable terms. The Infrastructure Code of Practice (ICOP) is a voluntary code that sets out good practice principles and procedures to guide negotiations for third-party access to oil and gas infrastructure on the UKCS.

The Code also includes escalation steps, which can ultimately lead to an application to the Oil and Gas Authority to use its formal dispute resolution powers provided under the Energy Act 2011.

The ICOP has been in effect since 2004, and is accompanied by a set of Guidance Notes. Both were updated in 2017 to reflect changes to legislation and general improvements.




 Download ICOP and accompanying Guidance Note


 To sign up to the revised Code, which was launched in August 2017, contact the Upstream Policy team






Signatories to the Code