In 2011 the industry decided on more HCR transparency by agreeing for Oil & Gas UK to publish quarterly attributable HCR data.

The industry HCR data is available at the links below: starting with Q2 2011 verified data. Data is updated on a quarterly basis – one quarter in arrears – to allow adequate time for reporting, investigation and verification of data.

The data published in this report is provided by the HSE and remains provisional until HSE publish it as part of their offshore annual statistical report. Any queries relating to the data should be directed to the HSE.

Since 2015 the reporting requirements have changed due to the implementation of the Offshore Safety Directive resulting in the reporting of releases that previously would have been considered to have an environmental consequence only had they gone to sea rather than the potential for a Major Accident Hazard. Comparison with previous years’ data may therefore not be valid.

Industry HCR Data Archive