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Industry Behaviours Charter

This industry charter, signed by members of Oil & Gas UK and supported by the Oil and Gas Authority, is a collective commitment to work effectively, efficiently and co-operatively.

By signing the charter you are making a declaration that your business will:

  1. Be an early adopter of efficiency initiatives and new technology, sharing learnings with others
  2. Provide access to decision makers through a specific, fast access point, in order to escalate issues
  3. Strengthen industry co-operation through continual improvement in and support for, industry codes of practice, forums and standards
  4. Contribute to performance improvement by ensuring transparent and time-bound legal, commercial and contractual engagements
  5. Commit to continuous improvement through regular review of the delivery of this Charter, across all levels of my business.


Download a PDF of the Charter

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Add your company to the growing list of businesses that have shown that they are dedicated to making the changes required to help improve the health of the UK Continental Shelf.

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