OGUK Advisory Councils


OGUK’s Operator, Contractor, and Joint advisory councils provide a space for member companies to discuss operational and tactical issues and to voice their individual perspectives, helping to direct the focus of OGUK and the industry on the issues that matter to our members.

Each member company nominates a senior representative to sit on the operator or contractor advisory council and act as the focal point for the membership.

Available to: Council representatives of All OGUK operator and contractor member companies. Members can nominate two additional people to receive invitations for the operator or contractor council and Joint Advisory Council.

Deirdre Michie, OGUK
Vice Chair
  • Facilitate discussions on issues affecting the industry and our members
  • Input to the strategic agenda, policy shaping and lobbying positions
  • Provide wider intelligence and market awareness/insight on matters affecting the industry
  • Inform, where possible, on future business opportunities
  • Facilitate networking across the industry
  • Share information and engage with members on Oil & Gas UK’s work
  • Oversee and feedback on the work of Forums & Workgroups and other industry tools and initiatives
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