Exploration Manager’s Special Interest Group


This group will work to identify opportunities where industry can work together, without the OGA, to improve exploration and appraisal activity, avoiding replication of work being undertaken elsewhere, and will provide input to the MER Exploration Taskforce as appropriate.

Katy Heidenreich, OGUK
Vice Chair

The objective of the group is to provide a formal body through which members’ representatives can share best practices, review exploration cross-industry issues, create and resource task finish groups (“TFGs”) for any specific tasks, interact with other industry stakeholders, Oil & Gas UK Forums/Groups and regulators, and to prepare recommendations/guidelines for consideration of the Oil & Gas UK Board and members.

Activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Explore how industry can work together to improve access to good quality seismic data, at low cost
  • Explore how industry can work together to improve full lifecycle economic modelling
  • Review effectiveness of Innovate license


Supporting Documents