OGUK Decommissioning Project Wash Up Webinar


Join our upcoming Decommissioning Project Wash-up Webinar showcasing lessons learnt from recent projects.  The session will comprise two presentations: the first will feature Perenco sharing insights from its Pickerill A & B topside removal project. The second will be presented by CNR International with speakers sharing their experiences of decommissioning Murchison and Ninian Northern.

he aim of this session is to provide an arena where operators can share their expertise and insights while offering the opportunity for other operators, regulators, academia and the supply chain to learn from their experiences.

The webinar will be chaired by Joe Leask, Decommissioning Manager, OGUK

We welcome the following speakers:

• Roy Aspden, Decommissioning Projects Manager, CNR International

• Julie Summerell, Decommissioning Compliance and Assurance Lead, Perenco

• Michael Robinson, Decommissioning Structural Engineer, Perenco

• Ian Fozdar, Decommissioning Manager, Oil and Gas Authority

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