Giving it Z’eds: Integrating Generation Z into your multi-generational workforce


This session will explore the key traits of Generation Z and consider how employers can capitalise on the many positive contributions that this new generation will bring to our workforce.

As we enter a new decade, we will witness the coming to fruition of the long-predicted five-generation workplace. Generation Z, the most recent generational group to enter the working world have often been vilified by the media as lazy, entitled, overly anxious and have been dismissed in derogatory terms as the ‘gaming’ or ‘snowflake’ generation. Yet the post-Covid world presents some of the biggest business challenges in history and key to finding solutions will be collaboration and co-operation across our organisational ecosystems; capitalising on the richness of our five generational workforce as a unifying force rather than drawing dividing lines.

This event is geared towards anyone who works in a multi-generational workforce. For managers, learn how to get the best from your Generation Z colleagues and for Gen Z-ers, remind yourself what you have to offer and how you can make the most impactful contribution.

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