Digital Event: Self-service Advanced Analytics for Oil & Gas – TrendMiner – A Software AG Company


The Oil & Gas industry is facing unparalleled challenges in terms of maximizing business reliability and profitability. For organizations looking to establish sustainable climate strategies and meet decarbonization targets, incorporate accelerated digital transformation initiatives is vital – and the most successful initiatives are those adopting real-time advanced self-service analytics at scale. The self-service nature of real time-based analytics provides the immediate ability to analyze and improve plant performance and reliability. Meeting such uptime and production KPIs are essential for businesses to remain competitive as top quartile performers.

Join this free online event on March 25th where we will jointly dive in to demonstrate how TrendMiner puts advanced analytics in the hands of the process experts, dramatically increasing the number of data-driven decisions you can make on a day-to-day basis. You’ll see demos from our team of experts and use case presentations from successful customers so you can launch a scalable, easy to replicate data analytics strategy that will allow you to continuously improve the operational excellence of your Oil & Gas assets.

  • Shared insights into our customers digitalization journeys and how to scale successfully
  • Detailed use cases and informative panel discussions, looking into how leveraging data and self-service analytics at scale…
    • Ensures maximum asset availability
    • Enhances proactive predictive monitoring for remote operations
    • Increases resource efficiency and global corporate-wide collaboration
    • Accelerates the transition towards net-zero carbon operations
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