CHAMPIONX – Innovation Month: Technology with Impact-Maximising Operations for a Sustainable Future


At ChampionX, we’re focused on using innovative technologies and problem solving with our customers to deliver on sustainability goals, such as Net Zero.  Join us throughout the month of November to discover how our innovative technologies can positively impact your sustainable operations whilst Maximising Economic Recovery.

Declines and inefficiencies in production, ineffective scale management, reduction in water injection capabilities, and old approaches to new challenges can all negatively impact operations. Over 5 short, virtual sessions, our ChampionX experts will be joined by guest presenters and panelists from the oil and gas industry and beyond to discuss the following topics:

  • A Sustainable Future – How we will achieve this together
  • Environmental Oil Revolution – Interactive panel to discuss the revolution!
  • Go with the Flow – Reservoir technologies and approaches to Maximise Economic Recovery
  • Tipping the Scale – Making the most of efficiencies with minimum downtime
  • Technology with Impact – Innovations for your operations

Within our unique virtual platform, you will have the opportunity to meet with our technical experts and can access additional resources on the technologies and initiatives that impact you.


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