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EU Issues

Legislation issued by the European Union (in the form of regulations, directives and decisions) has the potential to affect the UK offshore oil and gas sector. The European Parliament is the democratically elected body within the EU and directly contributes to the legislative procedure. In many areas the ‘co-decision’ principle applies in which the Parliament has equal power with the Council in approving or rejecting legislation. The Parliament is also able to put down amendments to new laws proposed by the Commission. As such, engagement with the Parliament provides an accessible way for industry to influence EU legislation and it is important that industry maintains a direct link and engages with MEPs as and when appropriate.
Oil & Gas UK is active in monitoring European issues of relevance to the industry. We also engage with relevant MEPs to provide general information about the UK offshore oil and gas sector and raise specific European issues of importance.
More information about Oil & Gas UK’s EU activities can be requested from Jenny Stanning, either by email or on 01224 577250.

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