Efficiency Task Force


The Efficiency Task Force (ETF) was established in response to the sharp increases in cost, decreases in efficiency and a fall in production volumes that left the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) exposed to the decline in oil price.

The ETF aims to seek out, promote and provide access to efficient practice across the oil and gas industry while maintaining safe operations.

The ETF is led by a steering group of industry leaders who are committed to driving sustainable change.They: Encourage their peers to participate in the ETF – Lead on focus areas – Provide pilot and review opportunities for guidelines.

Efficiency Hub

Access OGUK’s Efficiency Hub, the industry’s gateway to initiatives that aim to improve efficiency across the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS).

The Efficiency Hub is here to promote the Efficiency Task Force as it works to seek out, promote and provide access to efficient practice while maintaining safe operations.

This is your one-stop shop for all things efficiency – information, news, case studies, industry initiatives and how you can get involved.




The Problem-Solving NetworkProblem-Solving-Network


Designed to be an open forum to share, discuss and find a solution to a problem, The Problem Solving Network provides an arena where the oil and gas industry can collaborate, engage with peers and promote best practice. This platform promotes the sharing of ideas and information on innovations as well as encouraging fresh and alternative approaches to help drive efficiency.




Continuous Improvement Forum

Collaboration is key to the delivery of operational excellence, necessary for survival of our industry and at the heart of all successful continuous improvement programmes. The aim of the Continuous Improvement Forum is to facilitate collaboration between oil and gas Continuous Improvement Specialists. Click here to learn more.

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