The offshore oil and gas industry has grown and evolved for over 50 years. To date, this sector has paid more to the Treasury than most other industrial sectors, generated hundreds of thousands of skilled jobs, formed a vibrant supply chain servicing oil and gas activity at home and abroad, and made a key contribution to the UK’s security of energy supply.


Investing in the UK

  • In 2017, capital investment in the UK offshore oil and gas industry was £5.6 billion.
  • The industry spent £7 billion operating its assets.
  • In the face of lower oil prices, average unit operating costs have halved from around $30/boe in 2014 to $15/boe in 2017.
  • The sector is working with the government and Oil and Gas Authority to maximise economic recovery of the UK’s substantial remaining oil and gas reserves.


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A source of income for the UK

  • Since 1970 the industry has paid almost £330 billion in production tax, the equivalent of around three years of NHS bills for England in today’s money.
  • The tax rate on oil and gas production of 40 per cent is double that paid by other UK industries.


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More than just monetary value from production

  • Over 280,000 jobs in the UK continue to be supported by oil and gas production.
  • The UK oil and gas supply chain spans the length and breadth of the country, servicing both domestic activities and exporting almost £12 billion of goods and services to other basins around the world.
  • The supply chain is active throughout the UK with contracts being won from the north of Scotland to southern England.



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