Oil & Gas UK Register of Examining Doctors

Helping you find your nearest Oil & Gas UK registered doctor quickly and easily.



It is Oil & Gas UK policy that all persons working offshore shall be examined periodically and classified as medically fit to work in the offshore environment.

Oil & Gas UK registered physicians will:

  • Have knowledge of the offshore environment and remote medicine
  • Demonstrate knowledge of, or possess a qualification in, occupational medicine
  • Have access to appropriate examination facilities
  • Undertake an Oil & Gas UK one-day training programme in offshore medical assessment – it is expected attendees will have sufficient understanding of and ability in spoken English to participate in the training without an interpreter
  • Understand the principles of the risk-based approach embodied in these guidelines


The Oil & Gas UK Register of Examining Doctors has been developed to enable persons working, or intending to work, offshore to identify a physician who can assess their fitness to work offshore. To find your nearest physician, click on the link below and search the list:

Examining Doctors in the UK                  Examining Doctors overseas                  Search by Name or PIN


If you would like to join the Oil & Gas UK Register of Examining Doctors then please submit an application at the appropriate link below.  

Please note, any application received prior to October 1st in any calendar year is due for renewal by 31st December in that same calendar year.  Any applications made on, or after 1st October will be due for renewal by 31st December the following year.

                    If you are a UK based doctor: Application to join Oil & Gas UK’s Registered Doctors List

  If you are an Overseas based doctor: Overseas Application to join Oil & Gas UK’s Registered Doctors List


You can view the Frequently Asked Questions about the Register of Examining Doctors at the link below:
Frequently Asked Questions


Sign up iconIf you have any questions about the Oil & Gas UK Register of Examining Doctors, or the application process, please feel free to get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help:

[email protected] 


You can also purchase the latest versions of the Medical Aspects of Fitness for Offshore Work: Guidance for Examining Physicians below. Please note, if your company is a member of Oil & Gas UK, please log in/create an account on the site to receive these items for free. Find out how to do that at https://oilandgasuk.co.uk/registration-help-page.cfm




Norwegian (and NOGEPA) medical certificates are good for offshore work and travel on the UK Continental shelf. Please see the additional press release for further information.

Oil & Gas UK Medical Certificates Update 2013

The mutual recognition of medicals does NOT extend to mutual recognition of the additional medicals for those involved in Emergency Response duties.