Diversity & Inclusion

OGUK Diversity & Inclusion network                             



Tomorrow’s best ideas, innovation and improvements will come from bringing diverse minds together.

At Oil & Gas UK, we are proud of our inclusive and diverse workplace, built on our principles of honesty, integrity and respect. We strive to create a work environment that accommodates everyone and promotes development and opportunities for all employees.

Diversity is more than just policies and practices – it is at the heart of our organisation. We know that simply having a diverse workforce is not enough; we want to create an inclusive environment where everyone can contribute their best work, and develop their full potential, while remaining true to themselves.

Our diversity and inclusion journey at Oil & Gas UK is only just beginning. The future of our staff network will involve, among many things, partnering with industry members, inviting external speakers, arranging training courses for our staff to raise awareness and holding events to celebrate our varied experiences.

Want to get involved? Can you help us on our journey? Drop us a line at diversity.inclusion@oilandgasuk.co.uk; we’d love to hear from you and learn about your experiences.