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Technical Note: Testing Summary
The information in this Technical Note is correct at the time of publication and is intended to provide a brief overview of the COVID-19 testing landscape.
This is a rapidly changing marketplace, with new and emerging technologies being developed at a fast rate. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the information in this document is current, although we will endeavour to keep it relevant and up-to-date.

Guidance: COVID-19 Testing
This document is a guideline for use by those organisations who have included screening testing amongst their COVID-19 prevention barriers (or are considering doing so), and aims to provide clear information, guidance and advice on testing protocols to ensure this is done in line with good practice.

Technical note: Guide to action on COVID-19 PCR test results
Guidance on the employment/mobilisation actions to take on receipt of a PCR test result, in various circumstances

Technical Note: COVID-19 Amendments to Medical Evaluations
The ‘Covid-19 amendments’ to the medical guidelines mean that examining doctors may resume OGUK medicals with immediate effect, including for those workers whose medicals were extended and are now coming up for renewal.

Technical note:  Vulnerable persons advice
Support on the interpretation of national advice on ‘vulnerable persons’ with regards to coronavirus