BOSIET / FOET Category A Emergency Breathing System Standard

The Civil Aviation Authority ‘CAP 1145’ review of helicopter safety – following the 2013 Sumburgh helicopter crash – made a series of recommendations, some relating to post-crash survivability. Among them was a requirement for use of Category ‘A’ Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS) by passengers and aircrew.

After extensive engagement with industry, regulators, training providers and workforce representatives, agreement has been reached on the new BOSIET/FOET OPITO training standard to be applied across the UK sector.

This new standard, which will be introduced early in 2016, will meet the manufacturer minimum training requirements specified by the Civil Aviation Authority. The standard will involve ‘dry’ Cat A EBS training with in-water HUET breath hold exercises using the Survitec Mk50 life jacket.

This will remove the Lapp jacket and re-breather from the existing BOSIET/FOET standard for personnel travelling offshore in the UKCS.

In the longer term, all industry stakeholders wish to work towards providing in-water training exercises using the Survitec Mk50 life jacket and compressed air Cat A EBS equipment.